Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby's First Bath

This video just blew my mind. The gentle hands and amazing skills of this French nurse, giving this baby its first bath, it humbling stuff. According to the text, this method is called Thalasso Bain Bebe and was developed by pediatric nurse Sonia Rochel. It actually takes longer than this little video, about 10-15 minutes, and I was just transfixed by how calm and relaxed this baby was, and how he seemed to enjoy himself in the water.  However, there is a strong warning on the video not to try this method at home, that this is done by very skilled professionals. But the whole atmosphere, the gentle music, the warm water, the softness of it all, surely those can be applied when you are going to bathe your little bundle those precious first few times. So so sweet. Babies are such miracles, really. 

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