Friday, April 6, 2012

Road Trip!

In a mere matter of hours, this little family is off on a road-trip to the beautiful town of Killarney - all the way down the bottom of this tiny little island. 4 hours in the car. I am both excited and a tad apprehensive. While Nahla is a frequent flyer with well over 150 flights under her belt at this stage, we have actually never attempted such long distances in the car before. But I have prepared well - after all; I am a mother with A LOT of travel-with-child experience. And so I have done the following: Prepared a bag of yummy healthy snacks to bring with us. And then packed an emergency stash of Easter egg chocolates if all else fails. Downloaded a mountain of toddler-friendly apps to my (brand new!) iPhone 4s! (PS: I HEART SIRI!). Charged Nahla's very own portable DVD player. And double-checked to make sure it really is charged fully. Made sure we have several Dora/Bob the Builder/Mickey Mouse DVDs at ready. Packed soft comfort-blanket just in case she decides to have a little on-route nap (which I very much doubt, but here's hoping). Included several books/magazines and color-pads in my LV Never Full (Seriously, that bag really does what it says on the package; it NEVER gets full!). And now, having laid out all our travel-outfits, beautified myself in the shower, prepared the house for photo-shoot on Tuesday (more of that later!) and knocked back two glasses of rosé-wine; I can safely say; I am in holiday mode! Bring on the Easter long weekend, the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, tons of chocolate, egg-hunts, lazy hotel-breakfasts, country-air and precious family time!

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  1. wooow that looks so beautiful, i promised my self being there one day, hugs and kisses from yucatan :)



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