Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Snippets Of Our Day...

We went to catch a show about teddybears at the local theatre - which was a huge success! And will make BF jump with joy, as him being able to bring Nahla on movie-dates, just the two of them, looks like it is nearing reality.
We enjoy spectacular weather up north. Sunny, crisp and, unfortunately, still cold. But just made for little walks and playground ventures.
We baked some more buns. YUM.
Mummy is enjoying being reunited with her favorite pair of ankle boots, which were accidently left here on our last visit in February.
While Nahla is being doted on by eager grandparents, this working mama manages to get some work done and articles written.
Nahla enjoyed a morning play-date with super-cute Isak - how cute are the two shopping for jewels?! Sweet Dreams!

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