Sunday, April 15, 2012

Days in Oslo...

... are always such a sweet treat of time spent with people we love.

Nahla and Emine got to play lots, and it is such a joy to see the little cousins grow closer and closer.

Nahla got to play with Oliver's cool boy-toys on a trip to a dear friend's house, and Mummy got to catch up with sweet sweet colleagues in work.

My little city-girl loved being back in her birth-city. And Mummy always loves it too, even the chance to stock up on fresh norwegian magazines is always such a treat!

Mummy treated herself to a new cool notebook - after all; what journalist would ever leave the house without a notepad and pen?? And after even more cousin-cuddles, Nahla and Mummy packed the bags again, this time for a two-week stint up northm with lots more time with family and friends! LOVE.

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