Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Talking Tot

Nahla, to those who haven't met her, talks A LOT. To those that know me personally, this is not really all that shocking - as I am not exactly lost for words either - putting it mildly. But still, my little clever cookie talks so much, and in two languages, that when we meet new people, they tend to be a little shocked that she has only just turned two.

Like when we went for a tour of her new pre-school recently and she turned around and told the lady that the boys and girls had painted on the walls, and that she liked to paint too. In english. And then turned to me and said, in norwegian, that she did not want to go home just now, and that we could make dinner later, because she wanted to stay and paint with the boys and girls.

Or the other day, when I told her off for trying to knock down my in-the-process-of-being-put-together new Ikea shelves, as she was about to take a hammer to them (don't ask!), and where she quickly turned around and told her daddy that Mummy had given out to her unfairly, because she had already put the hammer down when I raised my voice. Phew! It makes me wonder about what on earth it will be like debating with her in a year's time??

Or, like these classic examples:

Daddy: "Nahla, eat some of your lovely Christmas trees now with you chicken."
Nahla: "Daddy, are those broccoli? They are not Christmas trees. Silly daddy! (and laughs at me)


Mummy: "Nahla, look at that cute wow-wow, isn't he very big?"
Nahla: "Yep, Mummy, that dog is very very big."

Or at night, when we secretly listen to her babbling away to herself in her cot through the Angelcare monitor and are in stitches laughing at stuff she comes out with.

I always knew that I wanted to be a mum someday, but I sure did not comprehend how much fun it would be - or that we would laugh till we hurt almost every day - which we do. Motherhood ROCKS!

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