Friday, November 25, 2011


I know it is almost a year since I first got my iPhone (Note: I have been an Apple girl for years, having long since fallen in love with MacBooks!), but it seems the amazing-ness of this little gadet just doesn't stop to amaze me.

I mean; Hello! What did people do before iPhones?! My most recent discovery (and AppStore purchase, off course), is the amazing Baby Monitor & Alarm app. Why, oh why did I not know of this before?! This is such a clever thing to have at your disposal, they really should inform you about it before you even leave the delivery ward!

In short; this app works just like a normal baby monitor, only way cooler off course. Steve Jobs, your legacy is pure awesome-ness! The idea is that you leave your phone in the room where your baby is sleeping. Monitor on. Then if baby cries. or stirs. Or, more like Nahla these days, tries to climb out of her cot and get up to all sorts, the ├╝ber clever app calls a pre-programmed phone-number and let's you know something is up wih baby! How amazing is that?!

There are other cool features too, like the way you can record a lulluby that will go off to try and lull baby back to sleep before it rings the other phone. And you can off course customize the settings so that the alarm goes off at either 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds of noise in the room.

Oh, and if your singing is less than calming, sure you can just have it play a pre-set song from your iTunes library! This app is so clever you would think it has children itself!

A must for mummies, now go download!

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