Sunday, November 20, 2011

Girls' Day Out

I fell in love with this sweet mother-and-daughter fashion spread in the latest issue of Kamille Mor & Barn that I picked up in the basement in work the other day (yet another benefit of working for a big magazine house, there are like magazines everywhere you turn! My magazine shopping expenses has dropped dramatically since I started this job!).

Anyway, back to fashion spread. I think it just look like such a sweet day out, and cannot wait to share so many of these days with my very own little princess! Note to self: It will more than likely be another couple of years, as Nahla is currently going through a "I-hate-shops-and-must-torture-Mummy-with-proper-terrible-two's-meltdowns-whenever-she-goes-near-a-shop" phase. Which I am hoping will pass. Soon. But after that, oh all the mama and baby shopping we will indulge in for sure!

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