Monday, November 28, 2011

12 Things You Might Not Know...

... about me:

1. I am addicted to sparkling water. Since I quit drinking the odd Diet Coke as a treat and now drink no minerals, my sparkling water consumption has gone through the roof. I customize it widely with apple slices, a few fresh raspberries or just a bit of lemon. Go crazy!

2. I really hate negative people. It drives me semi-demented to hear people moan about stress or weight or boyfriends. It is YOUR life. If you're not happy, go make changes.

3. I cannot, and I mean really CAN NOT watch films that are even remotely science fiction-ish/unrealistic/not about real people. The Matrix. Avatar. Star Wars. No. No. And no.

4. I only wear socks if it is really really cold. I am a bit of a boho-princess and prefer to walk around the house barefoot.

5. I think falling in love/moving in/getting pregnant/having a baby all in the time it usually takes people to decide if they should try going on holidays together was super-romantic, if utterly unplanned.

6. I cry at the beginning - and the end - of Love Actually. Every time.

7. I have only ever kissed 5 men. And I can't decide if that is sweet or crazy and that I have missed out on a whole lot of great kissers!

8. I HATE flying. Something most people burst out laughing when they hear as I tend to fly A LOT. But really, I am terrified.

9. I speak to my parents SEVERAL times day. I have AWESOME parents.

10. I buy a ton of cookbooks. And I read them frequently. Admire the yummy cupcakes/risottos/quiches. Bookmark the pages even. Then fail miserably to cook/bake/roast it all. I really really want to be a domestic goddess a la Nigella. The kind of woman who make her husband salivate the minute he walks in the front door with the scents lingering from the kitchen. I am not there yet. Not even close.

11. I think giving birth was the most amazing thing ever. And would in a heartbeat commit to doing it several times more.

12. I need to write everything down in my carry-it-everywhere calendar/notebook from Ordning & Reda. Digital calendars and mobile devises does not fill me with the same feeling of having written stuff down.

So there you go. 12 little and bigger things you now know about me!

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