Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nahla Went To Work...

.... with Mummy today, as she has a fever and runny nose and could not go to playschool. This girl is destined to become a journalist too - sitting in on editorial meetings at the tender age of 22 months! Anyway, while the entertainment factor in the office might have been hitting new highs with my little munchkin there, the levels of noise were quickly heading in the same direction. Including the climbing under a row of desks looking for stray balloons left over from a birthday celebration a while back. And so after a couple of hours, in which Nahla partly behaved like an angel and sat quietly on the floor under Mummy's desk drawing, and partly encouraged sing-songs and showed off her new princess-wave, we figured enough was enough and went home. So this afternoon I have been trying to meet deadlines while at the same time putting the head back on Nahla's Barbie doll and cleaning yoghurt off the sofa. I know I have said it before, but it is true; being a mother gives you multi-tasking powers you NEVER thought you were capable of prior to motherhood! Which, in fairness, comes in rather handy - certainly on days like today!

And now, having given up project finish article and instead resigned to watching Mickey Mouse with my little doll, sure all is very relaxed here chez Mummy and Nahla. And sure I'll just have to inhale an extra couple of coffees tomorrow and I'll get the work done in time! Balancing motherhood and work IS easier when you don't have to bring you almost-two year old in to work with you, that much is sure!

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