Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, I'm In Love!

Things to be happy about: It is FRIDAY! My mum is in town! We are doing a sleep-over in my sister's house tonight - all us girls! My best friend in the world is in town and I get to see her tomorrow! I have a coffee date at the local coffee-house with the two sweetest co-workers in the world in exactly one hour! I plan to hit Habitat in the morning for a head start on my Christmas decor shopping! It is BF's birthday today - and even though we are not in the same country, in exactly one more weeke he will be here and in a few more weeks now Nahla and I will be back in our house and Ireland full-time and we will never again be apart! Another co-worker brought in yummy homemade banana-cake today! And I am wearing my new awesome biker-ish boots! Hello, Friday; it is SO good to see you!


  1. LOVELY! God helg, fine Trine!

  2. Right back @ you, søteste Sara! <3



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