Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Hightlights

A Mother's Day card from Nahla that made me cry. OK, so I'm pregnant and hormonal, so it doesn't take all that much to get me going, but still; how sweet is this poem?!

Being served breakfast in bed by my two loves. After being allowed to snuggle under the covers till well after 10 am. I am one lucky mama!

My little tiggeriffic Tiger was pretty pleased to have her face painted - again. 

The arrival of my latest order from I LOVE how fast and amazing their service is! 

Weather spring-y enough for my little munchkin to wear her her new tops that we bought from Etsy. Seriously; LOVE Etsy!

So all in all; who can complain about it being Monday again when our weekend was as good as this?!

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