Friday, March 8, 2013

Planning The Perfect Hospital Bag...

... takes a little research. And having given birth before, I know at least one thing: Leave the skinny J.Brand's at home, you are not going to fit into them leaving the hospital. I learnt that painful lesson. But that (and the comfy Juicy bottoms you WILL need to go home in) aside, there are a few other things that totally need to go with to hospital for when you are off to welcome baby:

Some kind of refreshing face-spritzer for when you are in labour and need a little cooling off. I love this one from Vichy. A bargain hero. 

A make-up bag with just the essentials you need to look glowing in the post-birth photographs. Hint: Giving birth gives a glow - to put in mildly - so all you need is a little tinted moisturizer and maybe some mascara. Og, and don't forget hairbands! It is ESSENTIAL for when you are in labour, and the last thing you want is your sticky wet hair to be all over you face.

A comfy bath robe for walking around while in labour and also after when getting dressed is not really on the agenda. I love my Juicy one, it is perfectly soft and lovely. It makes feeding your bundle easy, and is not so long that it is dragging along that (rather dirty) hospital ward floor.

Healthy, energy-giving snacks for labour and after. I HEART Larabar. Vegan, raw and absolutely packed full of goodies. 

Cute swaddles to wrap your brand new bundle in  - and also perfect for covering up a little when you are feeding. Aden + Anais does the cutest ones, and they are HUGE. And so so soft.

All you tech essentials for both entertainment during labour (if you, unlike me, will have time for that sort of thing), and also Skype calls to eager family members after delivery. Oh, and they do a good job keeping your man entertained too!

Now, what am I missing...?!

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