Thursday, March 7, 2013

Racing Towards More Deadlines...

... is Ok when you LOVE what you do. And I do. I LOVE my job. I LOVE that I get to write about some many different things and topics. I LOVE that get to talk to some many different people. That I get to travel. To see things. To sometimes struggle with an intro or ending to a story for hours, only for it to fall together perfectly in the end. I LOVE that my editors correct me and ask me to re-write things 400 times, or find new pictures for something, or talk to someone else about something. I LOVE how it makes me a better journalist and I LOVE how I learn new things every day.

My maternity leave starts in less than 2 months, and much as I am looking forward to it - which I am - I also know I will miss working for those 10 months something crazy. I know, I know, being home with newborn + having a 3-year old from before is hardly going to be a holiday, but it is different kind of work. Does it make me selfish that I would never give up work to stay at home full time? I don't think so - much as I also respect the women who decide to do so. I am a better person when I also get to go out and do what I trained to do. I think it makes me a better mum too. I can fulfill both parts of me, feel like I am contributing to the family economy, give my children good work ethics, get a breather where I am not just mummy, but also professional me. I feel blessed to be able to do both, and lucky that I can. 

Now; where is my coffee?!

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