Friday, February 22, 2013

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Oh, Alessandra. I have such a total girl crush on this super-model-mama. Not only is her body to die for - seriously, I am having nearly-in-third-trimester panic attacks that I will never get my body back - and google-ing images of is Alessandra is not helping - but both her wardrobe, her children and her fiancee are pretty god damn amazing too. 

This is what I want to look like come summer. Which is a pretty far flung though considering my due-date is May 24, so I will probably end up looking like an elephant all summer... But here's hoping! And  we are not due to go on our Franch/Italy holiday until September, so I guess Baby Bootcamp for me!

How perfect is this Anine Bing leather jacket?! And maroon jeans; I never get tired.

That dress.... 

And those jeans...

This makes me long for summer fashion too. The denim jacket, The print dress. Serious yummy mummy credentials!

(Photo Credit from here: Celebrity Baby Scoop, Just Jarred)

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