Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Almost Unbelievable... much energy a 3 year old can have. And how much she has to say. From the moment she climbs out of bed in the morning until she conks out at approximately 8 o'clock a night, Nahla talks. And sings. And jumps. And laughs. And really; I love it. I love how much energy she has. How she fills every room with colour and fun and magic. How she makes me be childish again. How she is always happy. But much as I love all these aspects of motherhood, I also cherish it when she goes to bed. Those blissful 4-5 hours of adult time. Of silence. Non-lego covered surfaces. Sometimes I am amazed at how one can love these different times of the day with equal intensity, but I guess that's motherhood for you!

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