Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who Knew...

... that so much joy could come from one little bag of sand?! This afternoon, after Nahla was duly collected from playschool after another playful day (where Mummy got to hand in some work BEFORE deadline), we swung by the local DIY superstore and picked up some sand for Nahla's little pink sandbox. Which really was on our to-do list last spring, it is amazing how things just take time in this working-mother world!

Anyway, sand in the house, and to cut the story short, Nahla and Mummy ended spending a very sweet afternoon out in the back garden, where we totally enjoyed the sunny weather, the smell of grass and spring and daffodils, and where we worked up an appetite for some very yummy hot chocolates once we were de-sanded and back in the house.

And now; long hot bath and bed. Bliss!

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