Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Think Pink

Today Nahla and Mummy went shopping for some new play-school gear for Nahla. First of all, a rucksack was much needed, and after stumbling across a vast amount of them, from H&M to M&S, that all had that annoying oh-my-God-think-of-a-new-cartoon-soon Hello Kitty kitten plastered all over them, we were delighted with the FjÀllreven Mini Kanken - in pink off course. And then, jut because this Mummy was on a "I-am-giving-in-to-her-love-of-all-things-pink" day, sure we threw in a pair of pink Converse too, just for good measure! And as Nahla herself declared it: "My favorite color is pink, Mamma. Pink and pink." Uhm, OK, Nahla!

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