Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Or, in Hollywood's case, it looks like the man of teh season has arrived already. At least at the Beverly Hills Mall, where Jessica Alba and her little Honor made sure they stopped by Santa's Grotto to let him in on their Christmas-wishes. Love how ΓΌber-cute little Honor looks sitting on her mama's knee looking at Santa!
Nahla's was only 11 months last year when we brought her to visit Santa's Grotto at Brown Thomas in Dublin, and did not really understand what was going on. This year, however, she most definitively knows who Santa is, and will no doubt be excited when we bring her to visit Santa in Dundrum (where Santa's Grotto is made up on this awesome little island on the fake lake in front of the shopping centre! And there are singing polar bears outside, so so cool!)

Can you tell we are getting seriously excited about getting our holiday celebrations started?!

(Photo Credit from here)

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