Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Friendly Fashion

It's official: Autumn is here! My calendar (I still use an old-fashioned filofax-y kind as I NEED to physically write things down to remember them!) says September. The evenings are most definitively getting shorter and darker. And even though the last few days have been filled with glorious sunshine, the mornings have most definitively been of the sharp crisp September kind. Do I mind it? Not in the slightest! Now; I know this could have something to do with the fact that babes and I (plus the entire Norwegian side of my family) is heading off to Palma de Mallorca in just 15 short days, and my summer will be somewhat extended. But also; I LOVE autumn. I would nearly go as far as saying it is my absolute favorite season. 

I mean; those days when the air feels like toothpaste it is so fresh. The colour of the trees. The leaves on the ground. Cup after cup of chai latte. Stocking up on fresh produce at the farmer's market. Knitwear. Wellies. Rain on my window. I LOVE it all. Autumn always feel like a fresh start. Like a mini New Years. Even now; years after I finished both school and college, there is something so fresh and new about this very season. 

I LOVE how you once again get to snuggle up in coats, hats and scarves. And how the shops are filled with gorgeous knitwear, lovely boots and sharply tailored coats. This year, being on maternity leave and therefor knee-deep in blustery walks pushing a pram, mornings where I barely have time to run through the shower while L screams his head off on the bathroom floor and in constant danger of being pee-ed, puked and snot-ed on, my style choices will have to reflect this hectic and no-time-for-fashion phase of my life. 

And so I plan on a simple approach. Jeans will - as always - be my staple. A few pairs of skinny jeans in different shades of blue will form the backbone of my maternity leave wardrobe. As will my ever growing collection of American Vintage long-sleeved tee's, so perfect for layering over each other or under a chunkier knit. I already live in my white Converse and will consider investing in a navy pair as well. My Hunter wellies will no doubt be needed as the weather worsens throughout October and November. Comfort will be key. The ability to throw things on in the morning, knowing that most items will work together, is of essence - all mothers will nod in reckognition with this, no doubt. 

Having previously visited the amazing city of Palma, I know that the shopping rocks, and so I will be on the look-out for items like fine knits and a black trench-coat. I am seriously thinking about investing in a Burberry one, knowing it would live in my wardrobe forever after. A few shirts is a must too, maybe one with a print and also a plain denim one to pair with other items in my wardrobe. 

The bottom line is that fashion may be fashion and you may love it with all your might - and if you are anything like me, you do. But at the end of the day taking care of a baby leaves little time for tottering about in heels, or wearing stuff that cannot be thrown in the washing machine should you need to. And you will. Clothes will need to meet in the middle of practical and stylish. And it can be done, believe me. And this is how I plan to bridge the two. 

Happy shopping!

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  1. So cute, all of them :)

    And hi, I've been reading your blog for a while, but never really taken the time to say Hello.
    So, greetings from Norway.

    Refreshing with a yummy mummy take on life :)




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