Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Milestone Baby Cards...

... is a godsend if you are anything like me and suffer from constant guilt over the baby-books that you never quite get around to updating. Like; I see the books - especially Nahla's as it has been sitting on the shelf longer - and mentally list all the things I MUST remember to write down in it. Like: What were her first words, really. When did she stop wearing diapers. How much did she weigh at her 1-year check-up. What did she look like when she started play-school. And so on and so guilty.

And then I came across these adorable clever little cards on Instagram: Milestone Cards. And to all you other guilt-tripped mamas out there: Here is the quick - and mega-cute - solution to your - and my - problem. Because even if you are far too sleep deprived/stressed out/time-starved to manage to sit down and write down all the milestones your little cherub passes in the babybook, sure we can all manage to stick a card next to the baby, wip out our iPhones and capture the Kodak moment right then and there. Easy Peasy. Now my only heartache is that I did not order there pre Baby Luca's arrival, because sure he has already whizzed past the "Today I am 1 week/1 month/First Smile milestones - and no card was there to capture the moment.

But that is all about to change. Watch out baby-book; there is another moment-catcher on the block!

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