Monday, July 29, 2013

Life With 2...

... is hectic, amazing, fun, exhausting, hilarious and a little crazy. And I am loving every minute.  Everything is suffering; blog, housework, skincare regime; the lot. All my energy has gone towards these two - a whirlwind 8 weeks since little Luca joined the family, making sure Nahla gets the attention she needs. Making sure the baby is fed, burped and changed. Making sure I have time for showers and the odd meal. Making sure clothes get washed, petrol gets put on the car and bills get paid. And now I think we have nailed it. So far, so good. Hello world; I am ready to re-join!

My first true great love. My little game-changer. I have never known how crazy hard you can love another human until she came along.

These two... I swear; I well up just looking at this picture. Hormones; HELLO!

Chaos on the coffee-table. I'm not worried. I'm sure it will be tidy again when they are off to college. Maybe.

My brand new little guy. I had never thought I had wanted a little boy - being so utterly in love with my girl. And now? I have to stop myself waking him when he sleeps, because I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. 

Family. What life is all about. Hands down.

I am back. Hello blog! Here's mama!

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