Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bugaboo Donkey

Ok, so having a 2,5 year old who technically needs her stroller less and less these days - and no second baby on the way - as of yet anyway, I really need not be checking out strollers to buy. In fairness; I have no less than 3 Bugaboo's already. Crazy that I am. But this picture in Harper's Bazaar made me - momentarily - sigh and think: "I so could do with a Donkey too!" I mean; look at that handy shopping basket! And how much more stylish you would look breezing through your local Tesco with one of these instead of a shopping cart? Ok, so the two adorable tots and THAT amazing Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress helps, but seriously; I want to be this woman right now! With THAT stroller. A must? Off course not. A want? You bet.

(Photo Credit from Harper's Bazaar, american edition)

1 comment:

  1. Oh I want it so too, it looks amazing & having the baby here & thinking about maybe baby 3 it would totally work.



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