Sunday, August 5, 2012

Laid Back Fashion Choices...

... are perfect for Sundays. Especially when your Saturday consisted of road-trip with BF, hotel-stay, dinner on the town, LOTS of cocktails, 30th birthday party, more drinks in the residence bar and up early-ish to get home to collect toddler from very-kind-to-babysit grandparents! My (3rd pair and counting!) Zara jeans are so comfy I could wear them every day, and as for the jumper; new FAVORITE wardrobe piece picked up in Oslo, with the words Good Girl on the front, and GONE BAD on the back. Am slightly obsessed.


  1. Hey V! Me too, they are the most comfortable thing ever! :) Although, check out these too:

    AMAZING! And so comfy!




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