Thursday, July 12, 2012

Days Of Our Lives

Mummy has successfully tricked Nahla into thinking raw-food bars are sweets. Mental high-five to me!

We have been to the Zoo again - and concluded that Nahla is not really all that into animals yet. Except for giraffes... For some strange reason.

Nahla got her very fist love-letter! From very cute Connor in her playschool. Daddy had minor melt-down as he now envisions his life a few years from now, having to fend off smitten teenage boys...

Nahla had a "bitch-stole-my-look" moment with the zebra in Dublin Zoo...

Pink dip-dye hair was a roaring success with our very pink-loving 2-year old...

Little Emine Sofie, who is on a week's holiday with us in Ireland, also got to enjoy the zoo - and the sleeping tigers...

And two little cousins are loving each others company and wake up every morning calling each other. Heart-melting stuff. 


  1. I love how I follow you on instagram, I get to see them all before you post them. =]

  2. Hahaha, right back at you, doll! I am becoming obsessed with Instagram, really totally obsessed! :) And so much fun to see all your snaps of Gabi and Bella! xxx

  3. So cute, loving Connor's note!

    Having cousins who are more or less the same age as you are is the best. Spent so much time with my cousins as a kid. So many good memories! :)



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