Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moo G Magic!

Check out the utterly cute hairband I have ordered from here for my little munchkin! Now, as you may well know if you have looked at recent pictures of Nahla, she does not exactly have a lot of hair. Which can be a problem if you desperately and madly want to stick cute clips and ribbons in your child's hair (guilty as charged!). But fear not! The clever lady who set up Moo G Clips has taken care of this, and provides a massive range of hairbands and clips that STAYS IN PLACE. Yes, really. And as I am a sucker for clever and pretty advertising, sure I believe what it says on the tin- and ordered this super-cute big flower hairband for my own little rose. Now, a little ballerina tutu to match and I think I have her birthday outfit sorted!

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